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Meet the Restaurant Specialist Team

MyMexFood’s Restaurant Specialist Team is dedicated to helping you grow your Mexican Restaurant  With the right Restaurant Marketing strategies, you will reach all the right audiences. and will strategize digital, print, and social media tactics to increase revenue, app downloads, and customer acquisition for your restaurant.

Promotional Materials

Kickstart awareness of your branded online and mobile ordering with promotional cards and in-store signage.

Marketing at Your Fingertips

Shop à la carte items or select from prix fixe packages of our best-selling promotional materials. We’ll design and ship them right to your doorstep.

Email Marketing

Own Your Customer Information

MyMexFood provides you with access to your customers’ email addresses and ordering trends.

Create a Custom Email Marketing Strategy

We’ll work with you to design the best email outreach plan to achieve your business goals..

Send Monthly Emails, Hassle-Free

MyMexFood’s subscription email program, The Monthly Taste, sends one branded email blast a month to your customers, featuring pre-set promotions and messaging.

Mobile Marketing

Get More App Downloads

We’ll set you up with a text-to-download keyword that customers can use to easily download your restaurant’s mobile app.

Live in the Palm of Your Customer's Hand

Engage with your mobile customers by sending custom push notifications through your branded iPhone and Android apps..

  • Promotional Materials
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social Media


Customers who order from MyMexFood clients’ mobile apps order nearly 3x more frequently at that restaurant.

Social Media

Promote Your Business on Facebook

We’ll get the ball rolling with a custom strategy to drive awareness and sales with your loyal Facebook fans.

Receive Advice From the Experts

We’ve got you covered with pro tips, user guides, and checklists on social media marketing for restaurants.


One third of consumers say they factor in the information they find on social media when choosing a restaurant.

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